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You need to get your music out to the world. Now 1 ON 1 Entertainment can help you with that!

1 ON 1 Entertainment's core philosophy is to help artists to "Take Control" of their careers. We strive to offer only the best professional caliber design and marketing services and now we have something incredible for you!

We are very happy to now be offering Worldwide Distribution Deals to independent artists and bands. Our independent global distribution is an optional part of any other services we offer.

Please read through all the information below and then fill out our "Contact Page Form"

Worldwide Distribution

When you sign with a major record label, you are lucky, VERY lucky, if you get to keep a small percent of your "Net Royalties" on your own music. Does that seem fair? We don't think so either. After all it's YOUR music. YOU are the one that spent the money and the time to create it, not to mention that labor of love that drives all of us musicians! Well we don't like that! 1 ON 1 offers 80% of the "Net Royalties" on your music!

The Terms of our distribution deal are probably the most ethical we have seen in the music industry. It is the same distribution channel used b
y Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, One Republic, U2, Rihanna and many other famous artists. Your music will be among the largest digital music distribution channel in the world!

Here's what you get

• Where will your music be sold? This list is HUGE but the more recognizable names are
iTunes, Amazon, Last.FM, eMusic, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Rhapsody and hundreds more!

• One Time Payment. Many distributors require you to pay monthly or annually, on average about $50 per year, EVERY year, to keep your album available. 1 ON 1 offers that you make a one time payment of $37.99 per album to have your album distributed, not a penny more monthly or annually. You will not have to pay anything ever again as long as you are with us!

• Distribution to over
600+ online stores in over 100 different worldwide territories! That's a lot of places carrying your music!

• Free UPC and ISRC Codes

• Net Royalties. You will be entitled to a full 80% of your "Net Royalties"! iTunes charges 29 cents per song to keep songs listed, there's no way around it, not for us or for anyone. After iTunes and our distribution partner deduct their percentages, you keep 80% of what's left. Your Net Royalties work out to be about 50 cents on every 99 cents song you sell and we send it ALL, straight to you… a far cry from that 15% that a major label might offer you!

Artists keep all rights and retain full ownership. We don't need to own your music. Why should we? It's YOURS!

• You will be issued royalties from 1 ON 1 Entertainment every quarter. Payments can be made by check or PayPal.


Unlike other online distributors, we do not believe in charging you ANY annual or monthly fees. You pay ONE TIME and your music is live until you decide to take it down!

Single Song - One time payment of $12.99

EP (3 - 6 songs) - One time payment of $29.99

Album (7 - 30 songs) - One time payment of $45.99

Ready to get started? Here's what you need:


• First off, we need you to understand that at 1 ON 1, we do not believe in pulling punches. We will be direct and completely honest with you. For example, if we think your vocal performance is pitchy on a recording, we will tell you straight. If you're guitar sounds out of tune, we'll tell you. Bottom line, if you don't want honest feedback and consideration, please do not submit.

We are now accepting submissions for our professional services as well as our Global Distribution Package:
Submit your music via Email


• After you have submitted your song, fill out our "Contact Page Form" and let us know what services you need like a professional custom website, logo, online marketing, social expansion, etc. We will review your material and check out any other links you provide us.

• 1 ON 1 Entertainment does not accept every submission so make sure you are submitting your absolute BEST in quality and best performance. If you don't think it's your best, we probably won't either.


• If we like what we hear and offer to work with you, setup an initial consultation. If all goes well, we will forward you our "Distribution Contract" along with the Invoice for other work such as professional design or marketing.

Still have questions? Email Us and we will respond usually within 24 hours.