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Filling out this contact form does not mean 1 ON 1 will accept you as a client. It is used to for us to get a feel for you and to measure where we feel your online image and status stand as well as if we feel your music, in its current state, is suitable for representation.

By filling out this information, you are asking us for our honest opinion. You will get nothing but our professional opinion and honesty from us at all times. It might not be what you want to hear but it might be the highest praise. We feel it is best to be straight. If for any reason you can't handle our opinions, do not submit to us.

If you do not have a logo or website, or use a template or "boxed" solution, or using a website storage service like SoundCloud or Reverbnation and call it your website, or your webite is old and out dated, one of the first things we will suggest is to have one designed by 1 ON 1 or to find a professional designer to create one for you.

As a rule, the services we offer are based on a one time service which can last from one to two months. Our goal is to teach you how to handle it on your own and expect you are willing to put the time in afterwards for posting on Facebook, updating your website, posting to Twitter, creating videos to post to YouTube, etc and continuing to create awesome music. Please be absolutely certain. If you are not willing to take control of your music career and use what we teach you, please do not submit.

The Record Deal we speak of is for Global Distribution. If we choose to offer you a deal, we will notify you and forward a contract and details to you via email. The terms are very simple and to the point and you will probably not even need an attorney to review it but that is your call. Artists retain complete ownership of their Copyrights and will receive a practically unheard of 75% of all gross sales through our 600+ online and mobile retailers globally.

SUBMIT TODAY! 1 ON 1 is now offering Global Distribution to our artists. LEARN MORE.

The deal will be very simple and fair: Artists keep 80% of all Net Royalties, considerably more than major label deals who don't come close, only offering more in the 5-15% range. Let's see if your music has what it takes:

• To begin, please fill out and Submit the Contact Form to the left. Then submit only your best material via EMAIL.

• You must own the full Copyrights to the music, no exceptions.

• We do not accept songs that use any samples of other copyrighted music.

• All genres of music willl be considered.

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